The aims of conference.

The 16th Professor Aleksander Zelias International Conference on Modelling and Forecasting of Socio-Economic Phenomena is an annual event organized by the Department of Statistics at the Cracow University of Economics and the Committee of Statistics and Econometrics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Its main aim is the integration of Polish statisticians and econometricians, and foreign scientists collaborating with them.

Another aim of the conference is to discover new directions of research, promote and spread the results obtained from researches conducted in academic and scientific centres in Poland and abroad. Also, it aims to present the latest research in the broadly understood areas of statistics, econometrics and economic forecasting in Poland and abroad.

Last but not least, the conference aims of the conference is to educate young scientists and serve as a place where they can exchange their ideas and share the results obtained in their studies, and activate young scientists and reward them for their work. 

The Scientific Committee of the Conference reserves the right to review the abstracts and assign them as spoken papers or poster presentations. The basic criteria of qualifying the abstracts will be their academic value and relevance to the conference topics. Abstracts should not exceed a half A4 page.

After the recommendation of the Journal Editors and the decision of Conference Organizers, the Authors of selected conference presentations will be invited to submit their paper for publication in one of the scientific journals:

Until May 19, 2023, the organizers will inform Authors about the publication proposal by e-mail, and the authors should submit a text to the editorial office of the journal indicated by the organizers until June 30, 2023. It is required to prepare the manuscript following the editorial requirements of the journal. The final decision depends on the receiving of positive reviews. If an article is accepted for publication in Argumenta Oeconomica an additional fee will be required.
StatSoft Polska company has funded the Professor Kazimierz Zając Award for the best conference paper or poster presented by a young scientist (holding
a master or doctoral degree).


Subject areas of the conference
  • Theory of statistics and Econometrics
  • Forecasting and Prediction Methods
  • Classification and Data Analysis 
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Labor Statistics
  • Environmental Statistics
  • Social Statistics
  • Demography
  • Medical Statistics
  • Macroeconometrics
  • Energy Market Modeling
  • Financial Econometrics
  • Spatial Econometrics
  • Financial Engineering and Insurance
  • Applications of Mathematics in Economics

Language conference

Languages of the conference: Polish and English. Seperated sessions in Polish and English are offered. The choice of the language is declared at the application form.